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Las Vegas Poster that reads save Black lives
Poster by Jing Jian

Las Vegas

Remember the VictimsThe Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is responsible for killing 70 people from Jan 2013 - Sept 2020. Black People were killed at 1.8x the rate of White People from Jan 2013 - Dec 2020. Source: Mapping Police Violence. Last updated: January 2021

ACLU of Nevada

Public education · Advocacy · Litigation

ACLU of Nevada logo

Started in 1966, the ACLU of Nevada is a non-partisan organization that works to defend and advance the civil liberties and civil rights of all Nevadans. Grounded in the principles of liberty, justice, democracy and equality, the ACLU of Nevada works in three areas: public education, advocacy, and litigation when necessary. Their public education efforts serve to help the public understand their liberties, rights, and responsibilities. Their advocacy efforts serve to inform and educate public officials about their liberties and rights. And their litigation work serves to defend the rights and liberties of individuals when they have been violated.

Families United 4 Justice Las Vegas

Demanding Justice · Police Brutality · Organization

Family United 4 Justice logo

​Families United 4 Justice Network is a collection of those families impacted by police murder. Established in 2014 initially, as a network of impacted families of police murder and families impacted by community violence, recently narrowed its focus to those families impacted by police violence. FU4J network is a network of families and family’s organizations from all over the United States dedicated to providing support and services to newly impacted families and family-led organization seeking assistance in healing, organizing, demanding justice and working to redress the causes of unjustified police shooting.

Forced Trajectory Project

Documenting Stories · Media · Advocacy

Forced Trajectory Project logo

Forced Trajectory Project (FTP) is a media, public relations and advocacy organization that began in 2009, documenting the rippling effects police violence has on communities beginning with the families who have lost their loved ones to police murder. Utilizing moving pictures, stills, and sound, the project’s goal is to paint an intimate and accurate portrait of the “forced trajectory” these family members find themselves on after their loved one is killed.

Alternative First Responders in Las Vegas

Don’ is a national directory of organizations equipped to handle non-violent situations in your city. Easily search for your alternative first responders by topics like housing, LGBTQ+, mental health, domestic violence & sexual assault, youth, elders, crime, and substances.

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