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Young black woman stares calmly into ocean
Photography by Joshua Kissi

Know what tools to use

Infographic of hands acting our 8 tools for change: volunteer, vote, protest, donate, petition, public testimony, local media, town hall

It can be difficult and overwhelming to understand how you can join the fight to eliminate police brutality at a local level. Why?

The American local government system is complex by design.

Laws differ from state-to-state and there is a lack of transparency regarding how local residents can create or advocate for change. This makes it challenging for individuals to demand accountability, change laws, or influence public officials unless they understand how it all works.

Here’s the good news: our policy and research team has spent time decoding the process to make this easier for you. We want to equip you with the information you need to take action today. In this lesson, you’ll find eight tools that will help you influence your local officials and hold them accountable.

What to keep in mind

The most effective way to use this toolbox is alongside an activist, organizer, or organization. They are subject matter experts in advocating against brutality and for civil rights. Follow their lead, use our recommended tools, and results will follow.