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Breathing Room

Breathing Room is Black-led creative coalition of volunteers that designs space for Black people to live without limits.

We bring the Black community together with allies to respond to America’s historical challenges with unexpected and equitable solutions through art, design, and activism.


News headlines and America’s avalanche of problems can make activism seem draining and change feel improbable. As we stand in the rubble of collapsed institutions, broken trust, racial warfare, and fractured communities, we are provoked with the ultimate creative brief: How can we imagine, design, and build a better, more equitable country that we haven’t experienced before? We believe it starts with investing in the most historically underserved, undervalued, and suffocated group in America: the Black community.

Activism can be a canvas for limitless creativity and regeneration. Design is a tool that can catapult us towards this goal. We believe collective action between creatives and changemakers can spark a new public wave of audacious ideas and unexpected solutions that create space for Black people to deeply exhale and expand.

The current police violence crisis has made a civilian’s toolkit our first formal contribution to the movement.

We invite you to join us in the pursuit of necessary trouble.

Our Core Team

  • Sola Biu

    Sola Biu

    Founder & Strategy Lead
  • Kemi Lawore

    Kemi Lawore

    Policy & Curriculum Research Lead
  • Jing Jian

    Jing Jian

    Product Design Lead
  • Jason Mamaril

    Jason Mamaril

    Brand Lead
  • Ashley Truxon

    Ashley Truxon

    Communications Lead
  • Mos Okediji

    Mos Okediji

    Learning Lead
  • Emery Lieberman

    Emery Lieberman

    Civic Engagement Lead
  • Salih Abdul Karim

    Salih Abdul Karim

    Animation Lead
  • Jeduan Cornejo

    Jeduan Cornejo

    Engineering Lead
  • Jai Mankoo

    Jai Mankoo

  • Janaye Ingram

    Janaye Ingram

    Activism Partnerships Lead
  • Leon Tambue

    Leon Tambue

    Brand Social Writer
  • Julie Wenah

    Julie Wenah

    Legal Lead
  • Sarah Goezern

    Sarah Goezern

    Digital Producer
  • Sena Cadmus

    Sena Cadmus

    Social Media Coordinator

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Joshua Kissi (Photographer and launch film director), Michael Fernandez (Cinematographer), Andrew Williams (Lead Stylist), Byron Nickleberry (Photo and Lighting assistant), Kort Havens (Producer) and Xande Macedo.

Breathing Room wouldn’t be possible without the contribution of the additional contributors that played a pivotal role in bringing this project to life. Meet our extended team, partners, and volunteers.

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