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Dallas Poster reads protect black lives
Poster by Jing Jian


Remember the VictimsThe Dallas Police Department is responsible for killing 41 people from Jan 2013 - Dec 2020.Black People were killed at 1.6x the Rate of White People from Jan 2013 - Dec 2020.Source: Mapping Police Violence. Last updated: January 2021

BYP100 Dallas

Transformative leadership development · Direct action organizing · Advocacy

BYP100 Dallas logo

Founded in 2013, BYP100 (Black Youth Project 100) is a member-based organization of Black youth activists creating justice and freedom for all Black people. BYP100 was, at one point, just a hashtag for the 2013 “Beyond November Movement Convening” developed through the vision and leadership of Cathy Cohen.

Dallas Alliance Against Racist & Political Oppression

Direct Action · Local Chapter · End Police Misconduct

Dallas Alliance Against Racist and Political Oppression logo

Dallas Alliance Against Racist & Political Oppression work to end police misconduct, prison profiteering, racist & political repression, and economic injustice. Their strategy is not to merely be reactive to incidents of state-sanctioned violence and repression but to build towards meaningful change in the power dynamic between their neighborhoods and the police.

Mothers Against Police Brutality

Share Your Story · National Attention

Mothers Against Police Brutality logo

Mothers Against Police Brutality (MAPB) is the voice for justice for victims of police brutality and deadly force. They are a multi-racial, multi-ethnic coalition uniting mothers nationwide to fight for civil rights, police accountability, and policy reform. The MAPB is part of the In Defense of Black Lives Dallas Coalition calling on the Dallas City Council to defund the police.

Next Generation Action Network

Education · Organized activism · Youth Support

Next Generation Action Network logo

Founded in 2014, the Next Generation Action Network was established to give a voice to human and civil rights initiatives, and provide access to education and organized activism. Its goal is to lobby for social change and equality, and cultivate young leaders driven towards the eradication of social injustice through social, educational, civil, human, and community reform.

Our City, Our Future

Fund Communities · Legislative Action · POC-Led

Our City, Our Future logo

Our City, Our Future expects leaders to govern with courage and moral clarity — not to operate within the same archaic framework that has perpetuated and maintained white supremacy and racism for so long. Much of their work is centered around ensuring their city budget is reflective of the priorities of the people most affected by policing and poverty in this city. Libraries, cultural centers, and recreation centers are essential in these times to work through the grief that comes with isolation and loss of family members. In this moment of crisis, they are calling on Dallas’ elected officials and leadership to put people first.

The House of Rebirth

Black Trans Women · Transformative Housing

The House of Rebirth logo

To develop sustainable resources enhance and protect the lives of Black Trans-Identified Women. The House of Rebirth is part of the In Defense of Black Lives Dallas Coalition calling on the Dallas City Council to defund the police.

Alternative First Responders in Dallas

Don’ is a national directory of organizations equipped to handle non-violent situations in your city. Easily search for your alternative first responders by topics like housing, LGBTQ+, mental health, domestic violence & sexual assault, youth, elders, crime, and substances.

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